PORT ROYAL – A former Steelers star is making his way across the state so he can sit on the Supreme Court bench.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler, and the team’s 1982 MVP, Dwayne Woodruff, made his way onto the lawn of the Baker’s Acres Farmstead in Port Royal before a crowd of Juniata County voters to express his desire to be the next Supreme Court Judge in Pennsylvania.

Woodruff is running as a Democrat.

“People want to know why I am running. People know me from the Steelers and Super Bowl XIV,” Woodruff said, referencing the 1980 win when he was still a rookie.

He said his time with the Steelers is what the majority of Pennsylvanians remember when they hear his name. What few may realize is that during his time with the team, he was going to law school at night. He received his law degree in 1988.

“I was not just in the NFL,” Woodruff said, “I was studying to be a practicing attorney. I understand what hard work is.”

Prior to his NFL career he was raised in a home where his father was a First Sergeant in the Army. Woodruff told the crowd how as an only child he spent his childhood learning how to work hard. This included baling hay in the summer heat each summer.

Woodruff later founded his own firm, Woodruff and Flaherty, P.C. In 2005 he ran for judgeship on the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. He won that election and was given the option of choosing which court over which he would preside.

“I chose family court,” he said, despite the nudging of other judges to pursue a different path. Family court is where he has remained ever since.

Woodruff expressed his passion for helping children, especially those who make mistakes and need guided in the right direction. He said it is important children learn from their mistakes.

“I want to be part of choosing to make great decisions.”